The Walking Dead 1936

Down-on-his-luck John Ellman is framed for a judge's murder. After he's convicted and sentenced to death, witnesses come forth and prove his innocence. But it was too late for a stay to be granted and Ellman is executed. A doctor uses an experimental procedure to restore him to life, though the full outcome is other than expected.

The Walking Dead 1995

Five young marines on a suicide mission in Vietnam, struggle for survival in a jungle minefield. The mean streets of home did not prepare them for this.

The Walking Dead Girls 2011

The Walking Dead Girls is a behind-the-scenes look into zombie culture in the United States and the obsession into ""Sexy Female Zombies"". What is it about Zombie Bimbos or ""Zimbies"" that are starting to gain the worlds interest? Why are zombies now in mainstream culture and seen in advertising from JCPenny and Sears? With interviews with zombie master maker George Romero and cult movie star Bruce Campbell from ZomBcon 2010 and so much more. ""The Walking Dead Girls"" is a sexy look into the zombie phenomenon created by George Romero that is 40 years in the making

Walking the Dead 2010

His latest offering from serial horror movie director, Melanie Ansley is sure to send a chill down your spine. Charles, a western reporter, is exiled to a small village in south china where he discovers the most extraordinary story... He finds a small town whose folk move in an eerily slow manner, carrying out the strangest of deeds. Weirdly enough, the town cemetery is entirely barren. With only his wits about him, he must survive this, quite literally, dead town... and break the story to the rest of the world. The answers he finds will take him on an epic journey.

Remains 2011

The story centers on two lone survivors of a bizarre accident that reduced most of the world's population to zombies. They take refuge in a vacant casino and fight a losing battle against the undead.

The Gangs, the Oscars, and the Walking Dead 2019

Two friends want to make a genre movie. However, there is not enough money. Therefore, besides their regular jobs as being flmmakers in the day time, they join the local gang in order to make extra petty cash at nights. One day, big boss is deeply favored by him.

Zombie Night 2013

Zombies come out at night and two families must survive until morning.

Opstandelsen 2010

Opstandelsen brings the zombie apocalypse into the house of God. Simon's three siblings gather at his funeral - where all hell breaks loose as the undead rise from their graves, driving the siblings down into the deep dark catacombs below the church. Surrounded by death, they now have to face the congregation of zombies in order to escape the house of God alive...

Nightmare City 1980

In a nameless European city, a local reporter and his doctor wife try to escape from hordes of blood thirsty zombies, undead people exposed to nuclear radioactivity, while the military leaders fight a losing war of attrition against the relentless atomic zombies.

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism 1967

In the Olden Tymes, Count Regula is drawn and quartered for killing twelve virgins in his dungeon torture chamber. Thirty-five years later, he comes back to seek revenge on the daughter of his intended thirteenth victim and the son of his prosecutor in order to attain immortal life.

Fear the Walking Dead 2015

What did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in "The Walking Dead"? This spin-off set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world, will answer that question.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond 2020

A heroic group of teens sheltered from the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world leave the safety of the only home they have ever known and embark on a cross-country journey to find the one man who can possibly save the world.

The Walking Dead: Red Machete 2017

Follow the path of the red-handled weapon used by Rick Grimes to kill Terminus leader Gareth; from its innocent beginnings on a hardware store shelf at the start of the apocalypse into the hands of various survivors, familiar and new.

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