The Last Samurai 2003

Nathan Algren is an American hired to instruct the Japanese army in the ways of modern warfare, which finds him learning to respect the samurai and the honorable principles that rule them. Pressed to destroy the samurai's way of life in the name of modernization and open trade, Algren decides to become an ultimate warrior himself and to fight for their right to exist.

The Last Samurai 1990

Following the trail of a samurai ancestor, two Japanese businessmen on a quest for spiritual fulfillment arrive in Africa with a group of tourists, only to get kidnapped by the local guerrilla leader. A tough mercenary must rescue them.

Hirokin: The Last Samurai 2012

In a planet where humans must scavenge the post-apocalyptic barren wasteland, Hirokin – a reluctant warrior with a dark past – sets off on mission to fulfill his destiny. Having fought to the death to save his wife and son from the planets evil dictator – Griffin – and his elite army of hunters, the lone warrior is left for dead in the vast desert. Armed with his samurai blade, Hirokin is forced to choose between avenging the murder of his family and fighting for the freedom his people. In a twist of fate and with a small rebellion by his side Hirokin s vision finally becomes clear.

Oba: The Last Samurai 2011

In 1944, the American military lands on the shores of Saipan. Refusing to commit suicide with his superiors or be forced into camps for prisoners of war, Captain Oba Sakae leads a group of his men and other similarly minded local residents into the mountains. Even after hearing reports of the Japanese military's surrender, Oba dismisses the reports as propaganda and continues to launch guerilla attacks against the American soldiers, earning him the nickname "The Fox". Soon, even the American commander who's charged with the task of capturing Oba comes to admire his persistent enemy.

The Last Samurai 1974

The film follows the story of Sugi Toranosuke, a ronin, who returns to his home town of Edo many years after his attempted suicide as a sickly child. Rescued and adopted by a master swordsman, he has grown into a master swordsman and a very kind gentleman. The time is around 1868 the year that the nails were finally put into the coffin containing the feudal system that nurtured and sustained the samurai. Sugi is confused and unsure about what is happening but his teacher wants him out of the chaos of the multiple power struggles between the various clans.

Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai 2009

The film’s story centers on Musashi Miyamoto, one of the most famous swordsmen in Japanese history. He pioneered the Hyouhou Niten Ichi-ryuu style of two-sword fighting and wrote “The Book of Five Rings,” a book that has been compared to Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” for its insight on tactics and strategy.

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