A Serious Man 2009

It is 1967, and Larry Gopnik, a physics professor at a quiet Midwestern university, has just been informed by his wife Judith that she is leaving him. She has fallen in love with one of his more pompous acquaintances Sy Ableman.

Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious 2007

Fresh from his numerous appearances on late night TV and Comedy Central, cutting-edge comic Daniel Tosh brings his seriously funny brand of contemporary comedy to this riotous standup special. Like your Tosh a little raunchy? His unfiltered routine is here, along with a more family-friendly version that will have Grandma laughing, too.

Desperate But Not Serious 2000

Lily is a twenty-something aspiring writer who receives an invitation to attend a wedding reception with Jonathan, a handsome entomologist who also happens to be the man of her dreams. The only problem is that she's in San Francisco and the wedding is in L.A. Lily is therefore forced to enlist the aid of her friend Frances, an unrepentant party girl who has the L.A. nightclub scene wired. Their plans are completely derailed when they inadvertently lose the all important wedding invitation. This sets in motion an evening full of near misses with Jonathan, and thrusts Lily and Frances into a swarm of offbeat encounters with the underground Hollywood crowd. Off they go from club to club, from party to party and from boy to boy in an effort to find the wedding reception.

Serious Tingz 2019

A short tale on the face of masculinity, portrayed by young men who grow up in inner city environments. Where the iconic ‘screwface’ is more than just an expression, it’s a matter of life and death.

David Bowie: Serious Moonlight 1984

Serious Moonlight is David Bowie's concert video from his 1983 "Serious Moonlight Tour" in support of his "Let's Dance" album. Filmed in Vancouver on September 12, 1983, it was released on video tape and laserdisc in 1984 and on DVD in 2006.

A Very Serious Person 2006

Jan, an itinerant male nurse from Denmark, takes a new job with Mrs. A, a terminally ill Manhattan woman raising her parentless thirteen-year-old grandson, Gil. Spending the summer by the shore, the emotionally reserved Jan finds himself oddly cast as a mentor to Gil in having to prepare the sensitive boy for life with his cousins in Florida after his grandmother's death.

Situation Hopeless -- But Not Serious 1965

A lonely German clerk captures two American flyers and keeps them as prisoners in his basement long after WWII has ended. Director Gottfried Reinhardt's 1965 comedy stars Alec Guinness, Robert Redford and Michael Connors.

Very Semi-Serious 2015

The New Yorker is the benchmark for the single-panel cartoon. This light-hearted and sometimes poignant look at the art and humor of the iconic drawings shows why they have inspired and even baffled us for decades. Very Semi-Serious is a window into the minds of cartooning legends and hopefuls, including editor Bob Mankoff, shedding light onto how their humor evolves.

Serious Charge 1959

Howard Phillips, a vicar who's new in the town of Bellington, wants to reach out to youth. The previous vicar's daughter, Hester Peters, who fears being a spinster, wants to be his wife. He tells her he's not interested. When he confronts a tough kid about something the youth has done, the lad sets out to frame the vicar. Hester, who's walked in on the confrontation, backs the youth's story. The town sides with her and the lad, turning against Phillips. He has a crisis of faith. What options does he have; can no one help him, his reputation, or his calling?

Phil Collins: Serious Hits Live 1990

The English pop superstar and erstwhile Genesis drummer recorded this concert in Berlin during his Serious Hits tour of 1990. The two-DVD set contains 24 classic tracks, including the hit singles "Against All Odds," "Sussudio," "Another Day in Paradise," and "You Can't Hurry Love." Bonus features include an interview with Collins, a photo gallery, and multiple camera angles.

Get Serious 1995

Comedy musician Ray Stevens is working on his latest comedy music video when he is pressured by a maniacal Record Company Executive to cut out the Comedy and "Get Serious". It's a fun-filled hilarious romp through a bad dream that starts when Ray slips on a banana peel and all kinds of monkey business ensues.

Dead Serious 2005

A religious zealot and his terrorist cult take over a gay bar in New York City. Their plan is to remove the scourge of homosexuality from the planet. But little do they realize that when the natural order is tampered with, the wrath of the undead is awakened. Now a group of unlikely heroes must fight to survive the night and save the city.

Nothing Serious 2015

A beautiful, young, and naive modern dancer loses her footing in New York City as she grapples between the affections of a quirky Brooklyn hipster and an aging alcoholic pianist rivaling to become her sponsor.

Serious Sixteen 1910

When young Tom and Adele learn they must wait four years before they can marry, they agree to kill themselves. They reconsider, and then decide to elope. The plan sours when Adele sees two friends flirting with Tom. Brokenhearted, she decides to give her life to the Salvation Army. Tom responds by choosing to join a monastery. When, however, Adele’s father buys her a new hat, Adele backslides and Tom follows suit.

Serious Laundry 2017

When a young man gets seduced into helping with the removal of a dead body, he must find out the truth behind the corpse before he loses his life or gains a fortune. It's a madcap comic heist film with a lot of heart.

If You're Serious 2013

A rebellious 17 year old girl decides to commit suicide, along with two of her Internet Suicide Group partners, in the most beautiful town in China, Fenghuang. Yet before they meet, they know nothing about each other.

Equinox: Serious Fun 1993

Take a step into the exciting new world of video game entertainment, and hear from the people responsible for the biggest smash hits on your computer!


The Serious TV series is an observational documentary series made by the BBC and broadcast as part of their children's programming. It encompasses Serious Jungle, Serious Desert, Serious Arctic, Serious Amazon, Serious Andes, Serious Ocean and Serious Explorers. Serious Ocean consisted of ten 30-minute episodes, while each previous series was six 30-minute episodes. In each series a group of eight 12- to 15-year-olds embark on an expedition to an extreme part of the world, in order to help wildlife or assist in environmental projects. The programmes have won numerous awards, among them honours from BAFTA and the Royal Television Society. So far only Serious Amazon, Serious Ocean and Serious Andes have been aired in Australia, on ABC1 and ABC3. The series has also been shown on Discovery Kids, where five complete seasons have been shown. Slovenian television Kanal A has bought the rights to air Serious Amazon. The show airs Saturdays at 2:10 pm, under the title Vse o Amazonki. The Italian television network RAI in early 2009 aired Serious Jungle, Serious Desert, Serious Arctic, Serious Amazon, and Serious Andes.

Serious Music 2016

Two broke comedians go from rags to riches when a pop superstar / garbage boy mistakes their parody video for a really sick jam and hires them to be his new songwriters.

You Cannot Be Serious

You Cannot Be Serious! is a British sports entertainment series on ITV. It began airing on 2 June 2012 and is hosted by impressionist and comedian Alistair McGowan. The show sees McGowan write new sketches and work on brand new impressions for TV for the first time in eight years.

SCU: Serious Crash Unit 2004

SCU: Serious Crash Unit is a New Zealand documentary series, which airs on TV2 in New Zealand, and other networks around the world. The show is currently in production of a 4th series, due to be released early 2008, while an Australian version of SCU is premiering in 2008 under the title Crash Investigation Unit.

I am Sailing Seriously. 2017

Ishikawa Tsubame and Sakamoto Marin are first-year students at a university for aspiring navigators. The two girls join a month-long practical training aboard a vessel for their first test as freshmen in an environment where 80% are boys. They have to cope with the gruelling training and unimaginable seasickness as they struggle together with the male students.

Seriously Weird 2002

Seriously Weird is a TV show that played on YTV in Canada. In the UK it was shown on ITV, and in Australia it was shown on the ABC weekly show Rollercoaster.

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