Classmate 2016

A man and a woman meet on a bus. She's an engineer and married. He's homeless.

Kidnapped By a Classmate 2020

Brooke is starting over in a new town with her mom and wealthy stepdad when she befriends a new guy she meets at school, which leads to her being abducted from her own home. When Brooke’s mother Shannon realizes what’s happened, she takes it on herself to find her daughter–and soon ends up on a collision course with a deadly kidnapper.

My Classmate 2011

A bright young student is framed for exam malpractice by a lecturer who was opposed to him dating his daughter. After being expelled from university and disowned by his father he embarks on a revenge mission. [parts 1-2]

Wooly Booly: My Alien Classmate 1989

An alien was stranded on earth. A family took him and he requested to his superior from another planet to grant him with human appearance, but he only have 30 days to stay on earth and need to be back where he really came from.

The Classmate's Frolic 1913

A comedy about a group of school girls who bring a street musician to school with them.

Dou kyu sei – Classmates 2016

Rihito Sajo, an honor student with a perfect score on the entrance exam and Hikaru Kusakabe, in a band and popular among girls, would have never crossed paths. Until one day they started talking at the practice for their school’s upcoming chorus festival. After school, the two meet regularly, as Hikaru helps Rihito to improve his singing skills. While they listen to each other’s voice and harmonize, their hearts start to beat together.

Classmates 2006

The story revolves around the college graduate class of 1992. In 2006, working in different corners of the world, the friends get together for a class reunion to revive the joy and laughter of their student days. Shockingly, on the night of the reunion, one of the classmates is almost murdered and goes into a coma.

Classmates 2015

Feel-good movie about a college life of couple of friends and the consequences of a turning point which changed the life of each one of them.

My Classmate Is Dad's Wife 2007

1st Episode: Junichi's father, Yoshiyuki is a professor of the university that Junichi goes to. Yoshiyuki has remained single since Junichi's mother died 10 years ago. One day, Junichi learns that his father is getting remarried; surprisingly his stepmother turns out to be Aya, the classmate he secretly admires. How will their relationship become? 2nd Episode: Naoki and Maki are non-blood-related siblings who study in the same university. When undisciplined Naoki is retained due to poor academic result, Maki becomes a senior of her brother. Since then, Maki begins to act harshly to her brother in order to help him get over his psychological barrier to learning. However, being together day and night, Naoki finds himself in love with Maki gradually..

Classmates 2016

Sochi, Russia. The day before wedding Katya finds her fiancé on a date with a hot blonde, so her classmates Vika, Sveta, and Dasha decide to find Katya a new husband. They have one night only. Will they succeed?

My Old Classmate 2014

In the summer of 1993, timid and shy Zhou Xiao Zhi meets her table partner. Sitting in the classroom’s infamous back row is troublemaker Lin Yi. They go through junior high, high school, and college years together. Lin Yi said to Zhou Xiaozhi: "One day, I’ll take you to a place that only belongs to us." Fast forward ten years...

My Classmate's Goal 2018

Sung-chan and Soo-jin used to date. Soo-jin was expecting quality time together until he comes home drunk. A few years later, they break up and Soo-jin appears in front of Sung-chan who is about to marry Yoo-ri. Sung-chan and Soo-jin still like each other and they both desire each other. Will Sung-chan be happily married?

My Dear Classmate 2013

Ling really has no idea why Chi always follows her. Their classmates also feel that Chi is getting to be like Ling, and her pet phrase and her stationery are the same as Lings…

Classmates 2007

A portrayal of bullying among students, occurring while the school's personnel are present but unable to effectively intervene.

Classmates 2008

A romance occurs via email, between Jun Shibahara, the ace in his swimming team, and an ill girl.

Classmates 1967

The story of young students trained to become Kamikaze soldiers in World War II.

Classmate no Okaasan 2007

Jun is a second year in high school. He loved a female teacher, the Keiko, even though Keiko was much older than him. He joined the badminton club and Keiko was in charge. Like, there are no other club members and he likes to practice it with Keiko after school. One day, a girl spoke ... She was the daughter of Keiko, the Sae. "My mother often talks about you at home." And also, he just found out who died since ten years ago. Triggered by this fact, he decided to express love for Keiko.

My Classmate from Far Far Away 2018

Xuan Mo is an ordinary high school girl till the day she was unexpectedly possessed by a female marshal from an alien civilization. Her outstanding ability amazes everyone around her. However, the highly intelligent female marshal has no clue how to act as a human being and has to learn everything from scratch. When her human life gets more enjoyable, someone discovers her secret.

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